Take a closer look at what makes GameDay Sports tick. Our passion, our experience and our team are the backbone of the organization.

GameDay Sports

Fifteen years ago we took our life-long love of sports and combined it with years of marketing and sales experience to create this unique organization. We are founded on values of honesty and integrity, with a strong focus on family and quality of life. We bring these values to every client, every partnership and every project.

Company History

GameDay Sports was founded in 2001 as our CEO, Galen Beenken, capitalized on years of road-warrior experience in the professional and collegiate sports industries. He set an agenda for growth and profitability and over the years GameDay has achieved that and much more. In the beginning, publishing was at the core of the GameDay business. With clients like the Minnesota Vikings and the Green Bay Packers, Galen and his team developed key long-term relationships within the NFL and beyond.

Over time, as our clients’ trust and confidence grew, so did the depth and breadth of our business. In addition to seeing continued growth in our publishing division, GameDay has become a full-service sports marketing agency with local and national clients.

One key to the growth of GameDay Sports has been Galen’s vision to partner with like-minded companies and pursue non-traditional relationships and streams of revenue. As a result, GameDay Sports is positioned to be a leader in the sports media and marketing business for many years to come.

At GameDay Sports we work hard to build strong, long-term relationships with our partners and clients. We’d like for you to get to know our team.


Meet Our Team

Galen Beenken

As founder and CEO, Galen has capitalized on more than a decade of experience in the sports industry to set GameDay’s agenda for growth and profitability. One key to GameDay Sports’ success has been Galen’s vision to recognize innovative business and revenue generating opportunities for its clients outside of the typical approaches. Additionally, by partnering with like-minded companies to pursue non-traditional relationships and revenue streams, Galen has positioned GameDay Sports to be a leader in the sports marketing and marketing business for many years to come.  Galen resides in Minnesota with his wife Kylie and children Noah & Brooklyn.

Eric Anderson

A ten-year veteran of GameDay Sports, Eric is responsible for all aspects of operations for our publishing division.  In addition, Eric works closely with all other areas of our company and plays an integral role in the development of our marketing, media and sponsorship programs. Our partners in the community will appreciate and respect the leadership and creativity that Eric provides to our team.  Eric resides in Portland, Oregon with his wife Kim and children Jordan and Hakan.

Kylie Beenken

Kylie joined GameDay Sports in 2015 and is responsible for the day-to-day direction and coordination of the organization.  She takes the Founder & CEO’s overall company strategy and focus’ on the internal operations, growth and profitability.  Kylie utilizes her experience as a former collegiate athlete to understand a company’s business goals and lead the GameDay team to exceed both client & team brand’s expectations.  Kylie resides in Minnesota with her husband Galen and children Noah and Brooklyn.